Throughout our careers, the people of V2 Marketing Communications have worked – in partnership – with a variety of organizations. We’ve provided marketing consulting for financial services, ecological consultants, tool and die makers, nonprofit service agencies, food and beverage retailers, government agencies. We bring years of valuable experience to your company, and to your customers. And we remain viable, by embracing continuing education on the latest trends and technologies.


We’re an honest, forthright group. We work with you to review your goals and then create a marketing strategy that addresses those goals. Just the right size. Just the right scope.  We can provide every service, including the kitchen sink – but if you don’t need the kitchen sink, we won’t include it in your plan! You don’t need to pay for our big, purple leather sofa (we have a nice, serviceable velour purple sofa).


We like creative thinking. We like creative design. It provides energy to your communication messages. But it needs to be appropriate to your customer. Frankly, you don’t want to be Mt. Vesuvius, erupting with message upon message that doesn’t support your goals. Start with a vision and then craft a plan to realize that vision. Once you have a plan, we’ll help develop a vibrant, creative message to deliver your story.


We’re enthusiastic to partner with you because the challenges you bring to our table are vital and energizing. Quite frankly, we like to work with people.  With you. With your customers. We’re voracious in our drive to help our you find success.


Measurability. It’s time to add a layer of science to the art of marketing. How do you find your leads? What do you do with them, when you find them? What return does your marketing budget bring?  It’s time to vindicate your efforts with real results. We can help.


There’s more to tell.  There’s more to ask.  We can provide creative samples, details about case studies, explanations of the marketing projects we’ve developed. But we’d rather hear about you, our new VIP. Together, we can put the art + the science of marketing to work for you. Click here to contact us.

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