Our Staff

Kathy Velasco

  • Cat whisperer
  • Founder
  • Community activist & volunteer
  • Twin (the younger by 2 minutes)
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Deb Strout

  • Wisecracker
  • Art & music afficionado
  • “Big Bang Theory” fan
  • Advocate for the proper use of fonts
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Michele St. Clair

  • Pampered Chef big shot
  • Minister of Order & Reason
  • High School sports spectator
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Heather Kelley

  • Mechanical bull rider
  • PR and social media peacock
  • Proud mama of 2
  • Consumer of large amounts of coffee, often
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Stacy Wallace

Stacy Wallace

  • Media Buyer Extraordinaire
  • Toddler Wrangler
  • Reality TV Junkie
  • Enjoys a nice glass of red wine (or cheap, I’m not picky)
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